Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


The MSA program does not require any prior knowledge. You will be taught the necessary skills to complete the modules and projects at our workshops and provided resources for additional learning.

Yes, all the training, events and information about the program is entirely available online.

Microsoft Learn

Yes, Microsoft Learn is completely free to use and is available for everyone to use.

If you navigate to your Microsoft Learn profile page, the Profile ID can be found in the URL. It will be the field just after /en-us/users/[LEARN-ID]/

Program Eligibility

No, the MSA program is completely free to take part in. Participants can use their student accounts to access supported Microsoft services for the duration of the program.

While we don’t limit any participation online, we typically cut official enrolments at around 2000 people.

Yes, you can still participate in the program, but all prizes and exclusive opportunities will be limited to current students.

Yes, anyone who is interested in the program is welcome to participate! All the learning material will be available online for you to go through, however, you may not be eligible for prizes or employment opportunities if you are not an official student.


No, if you already enrolled for the MSA program then links to join the events will be sent to your email.

Links to join the workshops as well as access to the recording will be sent to your email two weeks before the event. As well as this, you can find details about all our upcoming workshops and how to register on our Facebook Group.

Yes, all workshops and live events will be recorded and sent to the email you signed up with.

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